Hong Kong’s Newest Hipster Neighbourhood

6 min readNov 27, 2018
Credits: Cavan Chiem

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You know us. We’re all about what’s up and coming, the next talk of the town and things that are jussst on the cusp of trending. And nothing in Hong Kong matches up to the hype than the scenic Southside neighbourhood of Wong Chuk Hang. Come with us, as we introduce you to one of Hong Kong’s newest hot spots.

Wong Chuk WHO?

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First things, first. Where on Earth is Wong Chuk Hang (WCH) anyway? An ex-industrial neighbourhood which has always been more working class than hidden travel gem, WCH is situated right on the southern side of Hong Kong Island. This area is a peculiar mix of old school factories, apartments and patches of greenery and hills, making it easy to forget you’re standing in one of Asia’s busiest cities.

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Once a quiet residential area, today you’ll find more and more artists, designers and hipsters making this their go-to spot with an emergence of galleries, graffiti and street art, design studios and casual hangouts. Get here in a cinch by the brand spankin’ new MTR line (Wong Chuk Hang Station), giving you fair warning that this place is destined to be buzzing with large crowds in the near future.

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Ocean Park

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Okay, so maybe this isn’t the “hippest” place, but what’s a visit to the Southside without a pilgrimage to Ocean Park?! Perfect for couples, friends and kids, Ocean Park is the largest amusement park in all of Asia. Get nice and close with adorable sea animals and…




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