Stay at Home: Foolproof Home Cafe Recipes

5 min readOct 14, 2020
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Who else has YouTube recommending them a splattering of aesthetic home cafe videos? Whether it’s the mouthwatering cafe fare, gorgeous plating or stunning dinnerware, there’s no looking away once you’ve clicked into one. Ever sat back and wondered if you could pull off a cute cafe weekend at home? Here are the easiest home cafe recipes this side of the internet, with a difficulty level of zero.

Almond Tuile

Instagram: @holymolly_cake

Paris seems that much further away these days. In between dreaming about your next European escape, turn your home into a French bakery by making some delectable Almond Tuiles.

For those who’ve never had these crisps (you poor souls), they’re bite sized vanilla waffle crisps with a liberal sprinkle of crunchy almonds. Almond Tuiles are incredibly versatile — bite into a crisp with an afternoon cuppa in the sun or pair them with ice cream, sorbet or even a slice of cake.

As far as home cafe recipes go, cook kafemaru’s is as easy as they come. Aside from sliced almonds, you’re bound to have everything in your pantry already. Mix all the ingredients together, pop them in the oven and then shape them into circles, hearts or waffle bowls as they cool down.

Once baked, enjoy these gems immediately for that extra crunchiness. In the unlikely event that you have some left over, remember to store them in an airtight container as they will soften over time.

Mochi Cookies

Instagram: @molalacook

Whoever came up with placing a ball of mochi inside a soft, crumbly cookie is a genius.

Mochi cookies are taking the social world by storm — just look at all those Instagram stores popping up left, right…


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