Sydney Truffle Menus to Salivate Over

‘One of everything, thanks!’

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hat?! You haven’t been all over Sydney’s endless truffle menus this winter? You’ve literally got a few weeks left before you’ll have to wait until 2021. Don’t miss out on a good thing! Put on your puffy jackets and head out to these spots for some 10/10 truffle menus in Sydney this Truffle Season.

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The cold, rainy weather gotcha feelin’ down, honey?

You can’t go wrong heading to IIKO Mazesobe in Haymarket for their comforting Truffle Dashi Congee. It tastes like a warm hug and just as amazing as what the Tokyo 2020 Olympics would have been *sheds a tear*. The congee is only 1 of 3 truffle items on IIKO Mazesoba’s winter menu. Other delights at this well-loved ramen joint include freshly made in-house Mazesoba with Truffle and some crazy yum-yum Charcoal Chicken Karaage with tangy Truffle Mayo.

IIKO Mazesoba
Address: 86 Hay St, Haymarket NSW 2000, Australia
Takeaway: Available


Instagram: @mishytales

Devon Cafe had one of Sydney’s favourite truffle menus last year and they’re certainly living up to expectations. In 2020, Devon is dressing up a student favourite and putting a bougie spin on your average Mie Goreng. Throw it back to your uni days with super duper fresh egg noodles topped with soft eggs, crunchy chicharron and porcini bumbu with sliced truffle slices. If that ain’t to your liking, Devon’s also shaving truffle on everything from mouthwatering wagyu omurice, delicious toasties to cheesy lasagnas.

Oh, decision-making ain’t your forte? No problemo! Sit down for their Truffle Brunch Experience! This truffle extravaganza unlocks a spread of sando fingers, salted egg truffle fries, wagyu steak, mie goreng, sea salt ice cream with truffle honey sponge and a gorgeous gianduja truffle latte.

Devon Cafe
Address: Various locations — Haymarket (Dopa by Devon), Barangaroo and North Sydney
Takeaway: Available

Two Sis Pyrmont

Instagram: @igeorgeflavours

Two Sis Pyrmont has always been a Sydney crowd pleaser with their multicoloured lattes and outrageously photogenic decor. This winter, their truffle menu features some seriously delectable (and gorgeous!) dishes. Standouts include their Truffle Unagi Foie Gras Bowl with Kabayaki grilled eel, Masterchef-level scrambled egg and fresh WA truffle. For anyone carb-loading their way through the year, you’ll love their Black Truffle Pappardelle with crispy pancetta, bacon, confit egg yolk, pecorino romano and fresh truffle. It’s flavour overload!

Two Sis Pyrmont
Address: 306 Harris St, Pyrmont
Takeaway: Available

Monkey’s Corner

Instagram: @monkeyscorner

Basque Cheesecake has taken over our socials! Always well ahead of the pack, Moneky’s Corner is one of the few spots you can get your hands on the cake in Sydney. For a limited time only, they’re serving up their cheesecake with a layer of sliced black truffle for some real OTT taste and texture. What legends. The cheescake’s scorched top and gooey cream cheese centre is already decadent on its own but the extra truffle slices makes each bite taste just that bit more luxurious. You’ll really miss out if you don’t get your hands on one this winter!

Monkey’s Corner
Address: 40 Kensington St, Chippendale
Takeaway: Available. For self-pick up, order ahead here

Prince of York

Instagram: @glendonww

A restaurant and bar hybrid, Prince of York is totes foodie heaven this winter. Kickstart your appetite with fresh truffle on wagyu bresaola before sinking into their crab sandwich topped with shaved truffle. The tasty crab meat in between crispy bread, with a touch of truffle hot sauce makes for one satisfying meal. For something heartier, their ever-so-popular fettuccini pasta, organic egg, native pepper and pecorino with fragrant truffle is the way to go!

Prince of York

Address: 18 York St, Sydney
Takeaway: Available. Order here

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