Where to go for Korean Food in Strathfield, Sydney

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Watched one too many Korean dramas and now hankering from some samgyumsal? When it comes to the best place in Sydney for Korean food, look no further than Strathfield. Known as Sydney’s largest Koreatown, this suburb is the epicentre for all things Korean and its food is especially well loved. From KBBQ, bibimbap to bingsoo, there’s no shortage of food spots to hit up when you’re in the area. Here’s a short list of the very best Korean restaurants you need to visit when in Strathfield.

Red Pepper Bistro

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It’s love at first bite when it comes to Korean fried chicken. Sink your teeth into its thin, crackly, crunchy skin and you’ll wonder why this version of KFC isn’t more mainstream.

Those in the know will tell you that Sydney’s best Korean fried chicken is found at Red Pepper Bistro. Located inside the Strathfield Sports Club, this pub-style eatery is a Strathfield landmark in itself. There’s no wrong choice on their menu of 13 fried chicken options. Each fried chicken has been marinated for 12 hours, ensuring that you munch into the tastiest and juiciest chicken meat ever.

If you need some pointers, order their ever popular Sweet and Spicy, Garlic Soy Sauce or Spicy Chilli fried chicken. For the adventurous, grab a bottle of soju and try their Snow Cheese chicken with grated cheese, onion and parsley for an intense burst of savoury goodness!

Red Pepper Bistro
Where: 19 Morwick St, Strathfield NSW 2135
Perfect for: KFC — Korean Fried Chicken!

Jang Ta Bal Korean Restaurant

Instagram: @__mooksy__

Dying for some Korean BBQ? Jang Ta Bal, it is!

Everyone who’s been raves about their premium meat selection of fatty wagyu beef, marinated pork and even smoked duck for something a little out of the ordinary! For anyone who has trouble choosing, go for one of their Set Platters where you get a mixture of freshly sliced beef and pork to grill. Whichever protein you choose, you’re sure to enjoy because Jang Ta Bal is known for their tender, succulent meat options.

Pair your BBQ spread with some Japchae and Spicy Cold Noodles, and snack on their endless banchan while your meat cooks! Chase it all down with some plum wine and soju from Jang Ta Bal’s extensive Korean alcohol list.

Jang Ta Bal
Where: 48A The Boulevarde, Strathfield NSW 2135
Perfect for: Kickstarting the weekend with friends

Hangang Korean Restaurant

Instagram: @foodie_loves_

When it comes to the best Korean restaurants in Strathfield with the friendliest owners, Hangang wins hands down with its fun and homey environment.

While Hangang also serves a mean KBBQ, it’s an especially well-loved spot for their pre-cooked dishes. Customers travel all over Sydney for their classic Korean dishes like Stone pot Bibimbap, Beef Bulgogi and more. Special mention goes to their Marinated Raw Crab. Marinated in 14 different ingredients, this raw blue swimmer crab dish is the perfect blend of sweet and savoury with a hint of spicy heat. The marinate is so tasty that every table mops it all up with the purple rice the crab comes with!

Hangang Korean Restaurant
Where: Shop 254 Churchill Ave, nearest corner Raw Square, Strathfield
Perfect for: Treating your foodie friends to a feast

The Mandoo

Instagram: @thefatfeed

Located right on The Boulevard, The Mandoo is one of the best Korean restaurants in Strathfield for homemade dumplings and noodle dishes. If you’re used to dainty Chinese dumplings, the ones they serve here will be a shocker. The Mandoo’s dumplings are gigantic and generously filled to the brim with tasty filling chunks.

There’s over 15 hand made options to choose from depending on whether you like them steamed, fried or served with broth. Their Kimchi with Pork Dumplings are a huge hit with customers. The wrapper on these little suckers are so thin that you barely notice it before biting into a mouthful of marinated pork with glass noodles and crunchy kimchi.

This food spot is crazy popular, so be prepared to wait awhile for a table!

The Mandoo

Where: 12A The Boulevarde, Strathfield NSW 2135
Perfect for: Anyone that’s super hungry!

Ymone Haejanggook

Instagram: @chanman234

Koreans craving a warm bowl of stew know that Ymone Haejanggook has them covered. This small, unassuming eatery features big claypots of hearty soups. Whether your favourite combination is Seafood & Tofu or Blood Sausage and Vegetable, Ymone Haejanggook has it on their stew menu.

If you’re after an authentic taste of Korea, try their Hangover Soup. This mildly spicy stew with hints of perilla leaves and pork meat that falls off the bone, is the ultimate way to wake up those taste buds.

While the soups are more than enough as a meal on their own, try their Seafood Pancake if you’re looking for something extra. Packed with scallion and an assortment of seafood pieces, the pancake is fried in a shallow pan giving it deliciously crispy edges. Enjoy this on its own or dip a slice into their soy sauce mixture.

Ymone Haejanggook
Where: 30 The Boulevarde, Strathfield NSW 2135
Perfect for: Soul satisfying soups

The Lab

Instagram: @lab_bakerycafe

While certainly not a restaurant, The Lab is a fantastic place to pop by for some desserts. This bakery and cafe is run by a husband and wife duo who used to supply rice cakes to Korean stores all over Sydney, and they know a thing or two when it comes to sweets. The Lab only uses the freshest in-season ingredients and therefore has an ever-changing menu of cakes, croquettes and other traditional Korean delights.

Look out for their Mango Bingsoo; an icy cold Korean dessert with shaved ice, juicy mango slices, mochi bites, condensed milk and syrup. Each spoonful of shaved ice is pillowy soft and dreamily matched with gooey condensed milk and refreshing mango pieces.

The Lab
Where: 4 The Boulevarde, Strathfield NSW 2135
Perfect for: Dessert over coffee and smoothies

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