Where to go for Korean Food in Strathfield, Sydney

2 min readFeb 2, 2021
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Watched one too many Korean dramas and now hankering from some samgyumsal? When it comes to the best place in Sydney for Korean food, look no further than Strathfield. Known as Sydney’s largest Koreatown, this suburb is the epicentre for all things Korean and its food is especially well loved. From KBBQ, bibimbap to bingsoo, there’s no shortage of food spots to hit up when you’re in the area. Here’s a short list of the very best Korean restaurants you need to visit when in Strathfield.

Red Pepper Bistro

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It’s love at first bite when it comes to Korean fried chicken. Sink your teeth into its thin, crackly, crunchy skin and you’ll wonder why this version of KFC isn’t more mainstream.

Those in the know will tell you that Sydney’s best Korean fried chicken is found at Red Pepper Bistro. Located inside the Strathfield Sports Club, this pub-style eatery is a Strathfield landmark in itself. There’s no wrong choice on their menu of 13 fried chicken options. Each fried chicken has been marinated for 12 hours, ensuring that you munch into the tastiest and juiciest chicken meat ever.

If you need some pointers, order their ever popular Sweet and Spicy, Garlic Soy Sauce or Spicy Chilli fried chicken. For the adventurous, grab a bottle of soju and try their Snow Cheese chicken with grated cheese, onion and parsley for an intense burst of savoury goodness!

Red Pepper Bistro
Where: 19 Morwick St, Strathfield NSW 2135
Perfect for: KFC — Korean Fried Chicken!

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