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NSW’s Dine and Discover Program has now fully rolled out and all NSW residents over 18 can access 4 x $25 vouchers to spend at participating venues. Whether you’re planning to visit your local or thinking of checking out a new spot, did you know that there’s a few places that’s doing some awesome deals if you use your vouchers with them? Here’s all the best places to maximise your NSW Dine and Discover vouchers.

How do I get my Dine and Discover NSW Vouchers?

To get the NSW Dine and Discover vouchers, download the Service NSW app and find them under the ‘Vouchers’ area. The vouchers appear as QR…

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Nothing works better than good old fashion budgeting when it comes to managing your personal finances. But with the avalanche of budgeting advice available, it can be so overwhelming that you decide you’re better off not trying. For a seriously straight forward budgeting tool, try the 50/30/20 budget rule. Here’s a rundown of what it is and how to use it.

What is the 50/30/20 budget rule?

The 50/30/20 guideline is a straightforward and flexible percentage budget concept which divides your after-tax income into three main buckets. The framework gives you a structured way of approaching your finances and ensuring that you meet your monthly financial…

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Watched one too many Korean dramas and now hankering from some samgyumsal? When it comes to the best place in Sydney for Korean food, look no further than Strathfield. Known as Sydney’s largest Koreatown, this suburb is the epicentre for all things Korean and its food is especially well loved. From KBBQ, bibimbap to bingsoo, there’s no shortage of food spots to hit up when you’re in the area. Here’s a short list of the very best Korean restaurants you need to visit when in Strathfield.

Red Pepper Bistro

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New Year may have come and gone but there’s another excuse on the cards to celebrate (safely!). From 12–21 February, Sydney’s events calendar will be jampacked with events, performances and workshops ushering in The Year of the Ox. Watch the Sydney city precinct transform into a sea of red and gold, and take part in vibrant Asian cultural traditions. Here’s all the must-do events from the Sydney Lunar Festival 2021.

Lunar New Year Lanterns


Honestly, it’s not like Pilates had ever gone out of fashion. But lately, it’s as if every Hollywood babe, KPop starlet and fitness influencer has jumped onto the Pilates train.

Upon closer look, it’s actually not hard to understand.

Pilates, with its focus on core strength and building lean muscles, is the weapon of choice for many looking for a lithe, slender physique. It’s also a highly recommended exercise for people with neck, shoulder and lower back pain.

Whether you’re purely inspired by all the sudden hype or you’re looking for a new rehabilitative workout regime, here’s what Pilates beginners…

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You know you’re knee deep into Spring when pockets of Sydney start exploding into a sea of jacaranda purple. Peaking in mid-November and finishing in mid-December, jacranda trees magically turn even the city’s plainest streets into magical photo-ops. Get out there with your camera and check out Sydney’s most spectacular jacaranda blossom viewing spots.

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Who else has YouTube recommending them a splattering of aesthetic home cafe videos? Whether it’s the mouthwatering cafe fare, gorgeous plating or stunning dinnerware, there’s no looking away once you’ve clicked into one. Ever sat back and wondered if you could pull off a cute cafe weekend at home? Here are the easiest home cafe recipes this side of the internet, with a difficulty level of zero.

Almond Tuile


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Was it that long ago when personal protective equipment (PPE) was only the domain of medical professionals? With Coronavirus infection rates accelerating, the world has taken to wearing face masks as a way to combat COVID-19. Whether you want to support a homegrown business or need some peace of mind when it comes to quality assurance, here’s a list of local manufacturers and where you can buy their Australian made surgical face masks.


Med-con has been manufacturing surgical face masks in Shepparton, Victoria…

Inexpensive at-home beauty hacks you can do right at your desk!

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Times are a-changing.

You don’t need to venture into a salon or clinic for an effective beauty treatment. There’s a truckload you can try while working from home and even a few you can do while on a video call. So here is my gift to you, my dear friends — my shortlist of at-home beauty treatments you can do right at your WFH desk.

Hand Treatment

‘One of everything, thanks!’

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What?! You haven’t been all over Sydney’s endless truffle menus this winter? You’ve literally got a few weeks left before you’ll have to wait until 2021. Don’t miss out on a good thing! Put on your puffy jackets and head out to these spots for some 10/10 truffle menus in Sydney this Truffle Season.


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